PunkDomains X Scrolly

About Punk Domains

Punk Domains simplifies crypto addresses. Replace the hassle of long strings with memorable domain names like techie.wagmi. Use it for token transfers or embrace it as a username in Web3 Social. Punk Domains supports various top-level domains, operates on multiple chains, and encourages a decentralized approach.

Benefits of Owning a .scrolly

  • Community Membership: Become an integral part of the Scrolly community.

  • Deep Ecosystem Impact: Extend Scrolly's influence even further.

  • Fun Domain Name: Secure a playful and enjoyable domain name.

  • Rewards for Holders: Enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards as a domain holder.

  • And Much More to Come !

Scrolly Domains: Your Passport to Endless Possibilities!

PunkDomains and Scrolly are teaming up to empower our community to create standard domain names. The best part? No need to worry about renewals – it's a one-time purchase item!

If you don't know what the different types of Web3 domains are yet, here is an explanation:

  1. Standard Domains: A one-time purchase item with limited features.

  2. Flexi Domains: Similar to the ones we've used for Scrolly, these are akin to standard domains. However, with Flexi Domains, we can incorporate cool features such as image domains, metadata, and roles!

  3. Soulbound Domains: The ones Vitalik can't get enough of! Purchase once, and customize with domain images, but they're non-transferable – truly unique.

  4. Renewable Domains: These need a little more attention. They require renewal after a set period, complete with an expiration date.

Alright, but what are Punk Domains, and what makes them so exciting?

Punk Domains, a groundbreaking 100% on-chain protocol. But what exactly does that mean for you?

On-Chain Domain Name:

Punk Domains records ownership information for each domain name securely on the blockchain. While this might seem standard for web3 projects, some services claim to be blockchain-based but store crucial mapping data on centralized servers.

On-Chain Metadata:

NFT metadata, containing essential details like name, image, and description, can be stored in three ways: on-chain, on decentralized systems like IPFS and Arweave, or on centralized servers. Punk Domains excels by ensuring metadata stays on-chain, providing perpetual stability and security.

On-Chain Other Data:

Beyond associated addresses, domain name services often let you add extra details like homepage URL, Twitter handle, etc., all of which can be stored on-chain for added security.

User Control Over Domain Names:

With Punk Domains, you have complete control over your domain name. No renewals are required, and your domain is entirely yours, immune to external interventions.

TLD Owners' Control:

For top-level domains (TLDs), such as .wagmi or .arbi, it's crucial that TLD owners maintain absolute control. Punk Domains ensures TLD owners have full authority, ensuring longevity and stability.

Web3 Domains Extension for Chrome/Firefox

All browsers that are built on top of Chromium (Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera etc.) can install the official Punk Domains extension from the Chrome Web Store:

If you use Firefox:

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